Tuesday, 25 June 2019

An Epic Tale (VIII) - Da Orks!! - Speed Freeks!

I am now over half way through my Epic Ork army, having just finished off my Evil Sunz/Speed Freek contingent, it is only 5 formations strong but has a reasonable variety of Ork vehicles so that it at least looks the part:

Biker mob with support:


Buggy mob with support:

A 2nd Buggy mob again with support:

A Gunwagon mob:

A Fighta-Bombaz squadron:

The whole lot:

The Mekboy speedstas:


My solitary Wartrak:

The Buggys:

Moving on to one of the two remaining clans, I did this Squiggoth for my Snake Bites:

And having now played a couple of games with my Orks, I painted this Gargant up fairly quickly to add some support:

On with some more 15mm fantasy next, then back to the Orks.