Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Odds & Ends (2) - A look at some little buildings

I have built up quite a collection of Leven Miniatures buildings and scenic's over the last couple of years and thought I'd share a few pictures of them and a mini review.

I first stumbled across Leven about two years ago when I developed an interest in 6mm WW2 and wanted some terrain. I discovered that these are cracking little buildings full of detail for their size and very well cast in resin, pricing is more than reasonable at £2-3 for the majority of the range. Another plus is it seems Leven's range is continually expanding with new releases every month and I have found that the owner is somewhat open to suggestion for new models for the range. I cant really say much more than that, well other than adding that all my orders with them have been delivered within a few days of placing the order(though I am fairly local to them), so an all round thumbs up from me, and I'll certainly be keeping an eye out on their upcoming releases and be ordering some more stuff in the future.

Disclaimer: Please note my painting does not do these models the justice they deserve.

Here are some of Leven's Normandy range:

A few examples from their Military range: Dragons Teeth, Obs Bunker, Sandbags, Fuel Dumps & Ammo Dumps:

And some items from their Railway & Industrial range:

Finally most of their Medieval Range:

I really should have included some 6mm miniatures in with these photos for some of idea of scale, Oh well maybe next time, fortunately though the dimensions of all these models are listed on the companies website. I'm off to swat up on Impetvs now for tomorrow nights game which will also see the christening of my new geek/hobby room and the first use of some of the medieval buildings above.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Odds & Ends (1) - Ahh.. there you are!

Well after starting with good intentions, I experienced some technical issues and just never got round to re-visiting this blog, well im now back at it an intend to post regularly from now on.

So back to my 10mm Song of Ice and Fire project for which I am using Warmaster Medieval with my own home brew lists which can be found here: http://www.forum.specialist-arms.com/index.php?topic=4003.0

Ive now added Jaime Lannister shown here with his little brother.

And some Stark cavalry.

and Stark Infantry.

Some archers from House Glover.

More infantry, this time from House Karstark.

And finally three leaders from Houses Stark, Glover, and Karstark respectively.