Saturday, 24 February 2018

Blood Bowl (IV) - Lizardmen

This is not something I thought I'd ever post, having had zero interest in playing a Lizardman team in my 30+years of playing Blood Bowl. However my son has taken a big interest in BB of late and painting too! When asked what team he would play, the answer (which shouldn't have surprised me with his love of dinosaurs) was Lizards...

Now I must admit to hating painting 28mm stuff, it just takes me too long, looking at these now I can probably say they are amongst my poorer efforts, though in my defence I tried to keep things simple so my son could paint along more easily. Also the constant harassment meant I knocked them out in a couple of weeks rather than the couple of months these thing usually take me(if not longer). Saying all that I do quite like the yellow!

And finally the boy hard at work on one of the reaper bones dragons he bought

I'll have to add some sideline staff and do some team specific counters too, but they can wait, as whilst waiting for these to dry I made a decent start on my Halflings.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Gaslands (4)

I am still keeping myself busy converting cars for Gaslands. Luckily I have tons of cars already plus you can pick them up for a £1, unfortunately the huge pile of potential conversions has been putting me off so I have now narrowed it down to doing 20 vehicles, 10 bikes and a War Rig, otherwise I'll just get nothing done!

Onto my latest vehicles, first up the finished pics of the car I had started in my Gaslands (2) post (all crew are from Ramshackle games):

I thought I'd use up some of my crew mini's on this one, its a shame you cant really see the driver once he's in place:

 The driver before he went in:

I wanted something to represent a vehicle with a 125mm(the biggest gun in Gaslands) so cobbled this together:

This one comes with front and rear mounted MG's:

After a recent drubbing I immediately made this one with a turret to counter my opponents:

Another big pick-up(which are proving to be my favourite vehicles to convert):

And finally my first Monster Truck, which came out better than expected:

I really need to do some scenery to add to the meagre and ad-hoc selection I have currently, but I'm enjoying converting the vehicles so much at the moment that I plan on finishing off the last few before cracking on with other stuff.