Tuesday, 20 March 2018

15mm Fantasy(V) - More scenery

I received a bunch more of Alternative Armies 15mm scenery range at Christmas and I've been wanting to get some paint on them since. These along with a few other scenic pieces will be the last(for now at least) of my fantasy specific terrain. Added to the hills/woods/hedgerows etc that I already have, I will now be able to set out a small settlement and ruined evil temple style battlefields which are sufficient for my aims with Dragon Rampant.

First up the rest of the village(having done one building previously):


Gotta say these are lovely buildings, really nicely cast and sculpted, my only minor quibble is that they are small for 15mm, and wouldn't look out of place with some of the larger 10mm stuff

Again all these bits n pieces are from Alternative Armies range, I'll be using the skellies, graves and fountain to make my ruined temple look that bit eviler, the pack horse and treasure for objectives.

I think I will be finishing off my Gaslands terrain next as it should be a fairly straightforward and quick job, then back to some more 15mm fantasy mini's.

Thursday, 1 March 2018

15mm Fantasy(IV) - The Heroes

Well I have finally got round to painting the one fantasy mini I needed to be able to field a small Dragon Rampant force consisting of heroic types, strange really as it was the first one I started many months back. I still need to do another 6 figure band of heroes and a 12 figure unit of basic infantry for this army, but I now have just enough to field a legit DR army.

All the minis are from Ral Partha Europe - 15mm Demonworld range, apart from the "beastmaster" and entourage, towards the end who are from Copplestone.

These 6 stereotypical adventuring party minis will count as Heavy Foot:

This will be my leader, who will a single figure unit which will count as Elite Infantry(with spellcaster):


And these two will also count as Elite infantry:

Beastmaster and entourage(Copplestone) whis will be Lesser Warbeasts:

I have made a start on the second band of heroes, well I have done this Halfling from Magister Militum:

and I have painted the first of the 32 Elves I have to do:

Finally whilst I was painting the 15mm Gandalf type I had a sense of deja-vu a quick dig in my storage boxes and out popped a gathering of Gandalfs:

Feeling the fantasy vibe at the moment so I am busy finishing off the last bits of scenery.