Friday, 1 March 2019

Old West Gaming (Part 2)

Annoyingly I am still not feeling any real urge to paint! Still, I have just about managed to motivate myself to finish off a few more Old West style buildings. I have concentrated on the plain wooden stuff for now rather than the nicer/more interesting buildings I have, which I will save until the painting bug returns, for now at least it means I have just enough buildings/street furniture for a small game.

I also though I'd post the selection of Hired Guns/Legends, for our Legends of the Old West campaign that my mate painted up for me a good few years ago now, apologies for the poor pics, I found it difficult to get good light on the mini's without it shining back.

US Marshall

Former Cavalryman

Soiled Dove



The Unknown Gunslinger

Mountain Man


I'm currently looking over some of my unfinished stuff to see if anything takes my interest and gets me motivated to paint, hopefully back on the brushes soon!