Saturday, 27 December 2014

On the Painting Desk (2)

With the conclusion of my BKC(II) project, I have been able to focus on finishing my War of the Roses armies, or well I would if I hadn't been totally distracted with my 6mm Epic: Armageddon project, which has since been put to one side, as I have now been distracted by a 3mm ACW project.

I am planning on just pottering away at the 3mm ACW over the Xmas break and focussing on the WotR in the New Year.

 I tend to have two main projects on the go which I swop between as and when I fancy a change. The WotR has moved up to project A whilst the Epic stuff is my project B for the New year. I then also have a sideline project which can be anything  but is usually a smallish project, I had planned on finishing my 28mm Perry Miniatures Samurai for Ronin and picking up some suitable Japanese style scenery, but the 3mm ACW project has leaped in front(for the moment at least).

 The ACW is a period I have always wanted to game but just didn't want to get into painting hundreds if not thousands of troops, so doing the project in 3mm cuts all that out, as the infantry regiment I painted took no time at all and looks quite effective I reckon I can get a decent size force on the table in a matter of a couple of weeks rather than the couple of years doing it in 6mm/10mm would have took.

Anyway here is some of the stuff floating around my desk at the moment:

Baccus Germanic/Celtic civilians which I am using on my Medieval Farmhouse project, these took no time and were a joy to paint.

Troublemaker Games - Novan Royal Marines, which I will be using as Imperial Guard Stormtroopers.

GW Epic marines and Dreadnought

An almost completed Medieval Farmhouse set up. (Buildings from Leven Miniatures, barrels from Perfect 6)

Oddzial Ozmy's 3mm American Civil War, painted as Confederates (this was my first go at 3mm and I found them very easy, it helps that the casts are so well done)
I will finally get around to taking some picture of my completed WotR stuff for my next post, unless of course the ACW project starts to take over!


Monday, 22 December 2014

Odds & Ends (6) - More Little Buildings

Just a short post this time just to show a recent batch of buildings I have painted, all from the fantastic Leven Miniatures and this time actually painted for their use on their site (that's the price you have to pay for constantly nagging the owner for Medieval farms, Manor houses and most importantly a Castle).
Anyway on to the products, all from the Middle East range, all nicely cast and a joy to paint, and in fact very easy to paint being simply base-coated a sandy brown, and dry brushed lighter and lighter, until I was happy with the overall effect, the texturing on the model made this all very easy, a very light wash finished them off and added a more aged look. I also added a couple of awnings to some of the buildings, the posts to attach them to are already in place and it was easy enough to do with a small piece of card.
 I don't play any desert warfare games but will look at getting some of these in the future for my 6mm sci-fi stuff as I think they would make a decent Mos Eisley like settlement.

Detailing the interior of this market stall was easier than I thought it would be, I simply blobbed a few colours around on and below a basic table-like thing, I think it gives the impression of a table of goods quite well.

As I said a short one this time, I'll be focusing on my painting desk next post, with its varied ongoing projects.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

My BKC(II) Project - Part 3 - BEF and British Airborne

So on to the final part of this trilogy of posts concerning my BKC project. These final two forces were really supplementary to the main part of the project. The BEF force came about as we mentioned playing the early war at the club and I knew I could do a BEF force by simply using the same infantry I had already painted and swopping out the 6lb guns, armoured and air units. So that's exactly what I did(all miniatures are from Heroics & Ros, except the collapsed parachutes which are Adler):

A selection of early war tanks and some 2lb guns

These were done in no time at all, with a fairly basic(but effective) paintjob, add in the two infantry battalions I already have and its a reasonable sized force.

The British Airborne were another matter,  I have this force in 20mm and wanted it to look the same so I used the same method for the camo smocks and helmets covers (khaki base coat, with tiny dabs of Luftwaffe camo green and German camo pale brown, finished with a mid tone wash). whilst time consuming I think it was worth while, as I didn't want them looking just like the regular infantry with red berets which is all to easy at this scale.

The CO and HQ's

Support Company with 6lb Guns

The Recon Element

Off Table Support
Forward Observers

Full Battalion with support elements
Brigade HQ
I'm quite pleased with how the para's turned out, but was glad to get them finished, this diversion amounted to 42 units and 2845pts.
All in all I ended up with 320 units for BKC and ideally I'd like to add a US Paratroop Battalion at some point but for now I really don't want to see another 6mm WW2 figure for a while.
As that was the conclusion of my main project, I have moved on to my War of the Roses 6mm project for Impetus using Baccus miniatures which again started as a smallish project of about 30 units, but has now reached 93 units, as most of them have 30'ish figures per base I'm looking at nearly 3000 troops in total!! I'll post some pictures soon as I'm now down to last 25 or so units.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

My BKC(II) Project - Part 2 - Ze Germans

Following on from my last post, my 6mm German army spiralled even more out of control than my British Army, ending up at 10,365 points and 130 units which I blame entirely on the larger variety of German Armour available.

The first formation up is one of two identical infantry battalions, both of which have mechanised support company's whilst the rest are foot sloggers:

And the 2nd infantry battalion:

Next up is my Armoured formation, which was the formation that seemed to grow and grow, though I think I did well in only adding 3 Tigers to the mix. I have done two HQ's for this formation as I tend to split them up with the SPG's in one group and tanks in the other.

This next formation is my big hitter, being a fully mechanised infantry battalion with mechanised support, I used the Panzer Grenadier infantry rather than the standard infantry for this one and even did the smocks and helmet covers in appropriate camouflage:

I wanted to see what the German Para's looked like so ordered a pack, this is the outcome, a reduced strength battalion with some support elements:

A Recon company on foot (well they do have Motorcycles too if they get tired)with some armoured support and Forward Observers:

The CO's formation contains a bunch of odds n sods which didn't fit into other formations:


and the off table support:

As for painting, starting with the infantry, as ever these days I undercoated them brown, and applied mid flesh tone to hands and face, personal weapons were next which were either brown or black, whilst the black was out I did the boots too. German field grey was then used for the rest and to neaten up the earlier coats and I finished with a wash of mid tone. The camo'd vehicles were painted with bleached bone with splodges/stripes of German Luftwaffe camo green and German pale camo brown.

The final part of this project will be the subject of another post which will show my British Airborne and BEF battle-groups

Monday, 6 October 2014

My BKC(II) Project - Part 1 - The Allies

The Set Up

This is the story of how a small straightforward project has taken several years to come to fruition.

About three years ago the amount of games I was playing had taken a major nosedive, mainly due to my regular opponents being consumed by real life issues, so I decided to look into some solo gaming, and I had a yearning to play WW2 in a larger format than the 20mm skirmish games I was used to playing.

I started looking into 6mm(1/285 -1/300) stuff and was immediately impressed with the quality of the GHQ products. However both the cost and the fact that I could not cherry pick exactly which vehicle etc, I wanted put me off them, I decide to take a chance on H&R and bought half a dozen vehicles and an Infantry pack which came in at about £5.00.

A week or so later I was clipping extremely tiny soldiers from the casting sprues and looking into basing them, I was more than happy with the H&R stuff, albeit not as nicely detailed as the GHQ stuff but its considerably cheaper and the slightly less detail issues are not a problem at this scale, in my opinion.

Having found the figures I liked, could afford and were relatively easy to store, I started looking for both a set of rules and some suitable scenery/terrain(all I had for 6mm was sci-fi related).

First up were the rules, after some research I had decided to go with Blitzkrieg Commander(II) mainly due to it being a spin off of Warmaster which I was very familiar with and that it seemed suitable for solo gaming.

A few company's did some 6mm scenic's such as the Baggage Train, H&R, Scotia, Timecast, but once I found Leven Miniatures I mainly stuck with them.

I had intended on getting a roughly battalion sized force for both sides, I am sure some of you will be familiar with how these things can start off small but end up getting a bit out of hand.  By the time I actually started painting it was April 2012, now over two years later I've finally finished. So lets have a look at what I've done in the last 30 months.

The British/Canadian Brigade:

So on to the forces, first up is my British North West Europe late war force (though if I use my RAM Kangaroos it can act as Canadians too), this is roughly Brigade sized being two Infantry Battalions and the best part of an Armoured Regiment, in BKC terms this is just shy of 9000points and contains 127 units.

First up is one of the infantry Battalions, this one being mainly foot sloggers with just a Company and the support units (MG's, Mortars, Engineers) being motorised, my intention for this formation is for it to be used primarily as a defensive formation:

Support Company & Transports
HQ & Support
Infantry Battalion & Transport
The Full Battalion

Next is the 2nd Battalion, which is the same as above but the whole battalion is motorised, it is earmarked for the attacking role in the Battlegroup:

The Transport Element
HQ and Support units

The 2nd Infantry Battalion

The full 2nd Battalion

Moving on to the armour which is in two formations, one being the heavier stuff mainly Sherman's and the other being more lightly equipped with Cromwell's and Stuarts:

The Heavy stuff

The Lighter stuff

A smallish Recon element, including a company of infantry (motorised) and some scout/armoured cars, this element includes my FAA and FAO one of whom is in the Auster:

Recon units
Close up of the recon infantry

The CO's formation is next which has the Battlegroups AA units and various support elements that can be used to plug gaps where needed:

The CO and supporting elements

Finally the off-table stuff, which is just a couple of artillery pieces and air support:

Off table support

I developed a reasonably quick paint method for the infantry, undercoated in medium to dark brown( I find this less harsh than black at this scale), I then do the face and hands with a fleshtone, then weapons, black for MG's/SMG's and dark brown for rifles, I don't bother with the boots as they will be hidden by the basing, finally I paint the uniform in khaki and wash the figure with a medium coloured wash, which result in an effective looking miniature which is relatively quick to churn out.

Next time I'll go over my German forces.