Saturday, 27 December 2014

On the Painting Desk (2)

With the conclusion of my BKC(II) project, I have been able to focus on finishing my War of the Roses armies, or well I would if I hadn't been totally distracted with my 6mm Epic: Armageddon project, which has since been put to one side, as I have now been distracted by a 3mm ACW project.

I am planning on just pottering away at the 3mm ACW over the Xmas break and focussing on the WotR in the New Year.

 I tend to have two main projects on the go which I swop between as and when I fancy a change. The WotR has moved up to project A whilst the Epic stuff is my project B for the New year. I then also have a sideline project which can be anything  but is usually a smallish project, I had planned on finishing my 28mm Perry Miniatures Samurai for Ronin and picking up some suitable Japanese style scenery, but the 3mm ACW project has leaped in front(for the moment at least).

 The ACW is a period I have always wanted to game but just didn't want to get into painting hundreds if not thousands of troops, so doing the project in 3mm cuts all that out, as the infantry regiment I painted took no time at all and looks quite effective I reckon I can get a decent size force on the table in a matter of a couple of weeks rather than the couple of years doing it in 6mm/10mm would have took.

Anyway here is some of the stuff floating around my desk at the moment:

Baccus Germanic/Celtic civilians which I am using on my Medieval Farmhouse project, these took no time and were a joy to paint.

Troublemaker Games - Novan Royal Marines, which I will be using as Imperial Guard Stormtroopers.

GW Epic marines and Dreadnought

An almost completed Medieval Farmhouse set up. (Buildings from Leven Miniatures, barrels from Perfect 6)

Oddzial Ozmy's 3mm American Civil War, painted as Confederates (this was my first go at 3mm and I found them very easy, it helps that the casts are so well done)
I will finally get around to taking some picture of my completed WotR stuff for my next post, unless of course the ACW project starts to take over!


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