Sunday, 19 November 2017

15mm Fantasy(II) - The Orcs and Goblins

I am now over half way through my planned  15mm Fantasy project having just completed my Goblin warband, just some heroes(about half way done) and small elf warband(not even started) to go, plus scenery, but I've made a decent start on that too.

All the miniatures are from Ral Parthas Demonworld range unless otherwise stated.

First up is my Goblin leader (offensive light foot, with short range missiles and wizardling):

Two units of Goblin scouts


A Shaman led unit of Goblin Spider riders (lesser warbeast, with cunning, fear and wizardling)

Trolls (Bellicose foot with shiny armour)(Copplestone Castings)

A Giant(lesser warbeast with fear)(Copplestone Castings)

Orc mercenaries (offensive heavy foot), These are Battle Valor miniatures, and would have looked too large but I removed the integral base and just glued them by their feet, they now match size-wise with my existing stuff.

The whole warband:

Painting fantasy stuff is still proving to be a refreshing change from uniforms of one variety or another so I'm sticking with this for the time being, although I do need to crack with my two unpainted Blood Bowl teams in time for the new season in the New Year.(I'm hoping by continually mentioning this on here it will prompt me to actually make a start!)