Saturday, 12 May 2018

Gaslands (7) The War Rig and the last of the vehicles

Proving that I can actually finish a project, here are the last of the vehicles that I've converted/painted for Gaslands. I could keep doing these as they are quick, easy and fun, but just how many vehicles do I need?

On to the vehicles, first up the last two regular vehicles, starting with this Pontiac to which I've added a driver(not that you can see him):

And this truck which I left fairly empty as I reckon rules for pedestrians will be in the expansion and I plan on sticking a few in here eventually:

I also finished the final 6 bikers:

Making a nice gang of 10 in total:

Finally the War Rig which isn't as good as I'd hoped but still its fairly big and impressive looking compared to the regular vehicles:

And I did put some crew in the War Rig which you can just about make out on close inspection:

And a quick pic of the whole lot:

Oh and I did go back to that old minehead buildings (see Gaslands Part 5) and added the requisite rust n dust:

That's it for Gaslands for now, probably back to some 15mm fantasy stuff or those pesky Blood Bowl Halflings next.