Sunday, 27 March 2016

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (2)

As you can see I am still very much cracking on with my new 15mm sci-fi project, with one faction being almost complete. So here are the latest additions to my forces and growing scenery collection:

Scout Car (Old Crow )


Scout Jeep(Brigade)



another squad(with support & sub-commander) of the excellent Eureka Ventaurans:

Don't laugh at this one too much, but this is something I cobbled together from my bits box and which I am calling a heavy tracked artillery unit


And some more bits of scenery, these MDF buildings are from The Miniature Architect and very nice they are too, perfect for modifying to suit your own tastes:

Shop front


(Canisters from Old Crow)
Checkpoint (Brigade)

Cargo Container (Brigade)

Tower (Miniature Architect with bits from GZG & Brigade)

Pipeline set (Old Crow) which works with both 6mm & 15mm stuff

Probably more 15mm stuff next as the Ventauran faction is all but complete and the Army faction is about half way done.