Saturday, 25 April 2015

D&D or Distractions and Diversions (1)

Over the last few years I have really managed to tighten my gaming focus, getting rid of loads of miniatures, and rule sets so that I can actually finish projects, and it has worked quite well so far.

However I still get my head turned by nice miniatures, interesting genre's/periods, or usually by adding more units to my existing projects because of my sometimes stupid " I gotta have at least one of everything" mentality.

Which brings me to the bunch of Irregular Miniatures 6mm siege equipment I bought recently that I have no real need for but as I have a reasonably large medieval 6mm collection I thought it needed some siege equipment:

 Some Stakes & Pavise's

 Siege Tower & Trebuchet
 Small and Large Bombards
 Siege Equipment & Covered Ram (Barrels from Leven)
Well at least I do have some of Leven Miniatures 6mm City/Castle walls so I have something to be-siege

I also managed to pick up a 2nd hand 10mm Copplestone Castings Not "Rohan" army which I have been after for a long time now the bundle I bought came with bases, some odds n sods of 10mm stuff and the complete Copplestone Castings Not "The Fellowship of the Ring" and I really cant wait to get some paint on these. This has now got me hunting down suitable proxies for other Lord of the Rings armies and got me working on some Warmaster lists:

 The Start of my 10mm Rohan army

Rohan Royal Guard cavalry plus General
 Pippin, Frodo, Sam & Merry

 Boromir, Gimli, Aragorn, Gandalf & Legolas

And after being given a 10mm Viking Longship by a mate, I really needed some crew so I got my self a couple of packs of Pendraken Norse:

 This isn't all of them, just the one's I plan on using as crew for the ship

I have even made some progress on my Epic Thunderhawk, and by progress I mean I have actually assembled it and undercoated it:

And for some random reason I painted this 10mm scale eagle!?!

All this has taken my focus from my Epic Eldar army which was coming on at a great pace until the last week or so, still its nearly finished and I think I needed a break after the 190 Guardians and Aspect warriors, only just over a dozen tanks to do and the Avatar:

 These just need basing
 I'm quite happy with how these Grav Tanks have turned out
 One of my Aspect Warrior Hosts
 One of three Guardian Hosts
The remaining Eldar and a filthy paint station!

Hopefully the completed Eldar army will be the focus of my next post.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

On the Painting Desk (3)

I haven't done much gaming of late mainly because when I get in the right frame of mind for painting I tend to crack on and gaming distracts from that. In the last two months or so I have managed to finish my first ever complete (well almost) Epic Army and finish two jobs for Leven Miniatures and as ever there are War of the Roses minis on the desk.

 Two more contingents for my never ending WotR project (Baccus Miniatures)
 Leven Miniatures La Haie

 Leven Miniatures Medieval Farmhouse set (Civilians from Baccus)

 The start of my Eldar army

Hopefully I'll get a bit more gaming in before my next post, though I've been badgered into writing a couple of miniature reviews for a new online 6-10mm wargaming zine and I'm expecting some new miniatures: 6mm medieval siege equipment, 10mm Vikings and some more bits for my various Epic armies