Saturday, 24 December 2016

Prohibition Era - 15mm Project - (III)

In the nick of time I have managed to get three "gangs" painted up, acquired and painted (well one of them at least) 3 vehicles and made a start on some buildings and scenery. This is probably the most prepared I have ever been for a game in which I don't yet have the rules, but at least I can have a couple of play test games over the Christmas break.

These are the last few miniatures(all from Blue Moon/Old Glory UK) I had to paint up:


The pre-painted cars I purchased:

First up my main gang of Gangsters:

Secondly, my more street looking gang:

Finally the biggest baddest gang of all, the Cops:

I picked up the cars (excluding the Police Truck with is from Irregulars WW1 range)for a bargain €7 from Modelcarworld in Germany they are Ricco 1:87 scale and absolutely lovely.

I have also made a bot of a start on some buildings (these ones are from Game Craft Minis):

Well this small project is almost finished, just a few more buildings (I am planning on getting some enterable laser cut MDF stuff such as bar, hotel warehouse etc) and a couple more vehicles and its done, which must be a record for me.

Finally, I'd like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and I hope Santa brings you all plenty of new toys!

Friday, 23 December 2016

Honestly, its not all 6mm!(4)

As I have mentioned previously most of the 28/32mm stuff I paint these days is purely as ornaments for my mum. She recently asked me to put the miniatures I have already painted, onto a diorama-style base (to save her moving each individual figure when dusting!) Now I like making diorama's/vignettes, but when I have done them in the past the miniatures have been bought with an overall scene in mind. This time however I had to try and shoehorn a bunch of individual mini's into some sort of theme, and this is what I ended up with:

I am reasonably happy with the results, a basic theme has been attained and most importantly my mum's dusting has been made a little easier!!

Onto my 15mm Prohibition project now, as I am hoping to get most of the stuff I have painted before Christmas so that when I get the rules(The Chicago Way) I am ready to play straight away.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Prohibition Era - 15mm Project - (II)

I have now picked up The Chicago Way rules from Great Escape Games and whilst I cant have it until Christmas (boo!!) I did sneak a look to see how many miniatures a gang is made up of and realised I needed at least a few more painted minis to play, so I quickly painted them up and also painted the bunch of crates, oil drums that I picked up at Fiasco recently, these will serve as decent terrain for docksides, back alleys and inside warehouses etc:

I really enjoy painting these mini's in fact I think I much prefer painting civilians over military types at the moment, probably due to the freedom of choice of palette.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

6mm Dark Ages(V) -The Final Part - The last of the Anglo Saxons

Another project finished as I have now completed the last of my Anglo-Saxons for my 6mm Dark Age skirmish gaming. I now have Vikings, Celts, villagers, and scenery, suitable plunder markers and longships all done, so I have no excuse to play a few coastal raid type games.

On to the miniatures, here are the last of the Anglo Saxons and a few pics of the entire force:

I'm quite pleased to have got both my Epic and Dark Ages projects finished, onto some other smaller jobs now before making a start on anything big.