Friday, 3 March 2017

Blood Bowl (II) - Orc & Goblin Team

Following on from my last Blood Bowl post,  here is the Orc and Goblin team consisting of both 2nd and 3rd edition minis, which considering it was thrown together from spare minis doesn't look to bad, I did convert the plastic Orcs slightly with the addition of a few spikes and re-positioning some of the arms:

And the now obligatory sideline staff/counters:

and I have painted up one of the new editions Orc's:

And a couple of star players:

I am currently finishing of some 15mm buildings for both my gangster and sci-fi colony games, once they're out of the way I plan on quickly painting up my small Epic Cult of Speed army, as I fancy doing something bright and garish. Then on to my latest unplanned distraction which is 15mm bolt Action in which I plan on painting up both a British and German Para platoon.