Friday, 5 October 2018

Blood Bowl (VII) - The Undead

Well I have finally picked my brushes up after almost two months of no painting and I have managed to finish off my Blood Bowl (Shambling)Undead team, that's 5 of 7 finished, so without further ado, here they are(all minis are GW apart from the dwarf with an axe in his head which is from Greebo):

And as I have to have Staff/Side-line figures these days, I did a coach and a cheerleader(minis from Reaper, turn markers etc are GW bits).

With them out of the way I'm determined to clear the stuff on my painting desk before doing anything else, so I am now on with a bunch of 15mm and 6mm fantasy stuff, plus a few Blood Bowl Star Players, oh and some 2mm ECW stuff, all of which will be the subjects of the next few(hopefully more regular) posts.