Monday, 25 April 2016

6mm Fantasy Project (6) - Dungeons & Castles

Well, April has been a hectic month, between the kids school holidays, re-laying my drive and helping decorate our bedroom I have had less time than usual to spend on geek stuff! Still, I managed to grab a few more games of Gruntz, and visit the Royal Armouries for their new (Perry miniatures) Agincourt display and popped in to show some support for my club who were putting on one of a number of participation games.

Onto some more additions to my fantasy project, this time (and a first for me) some pro-painted 6mm mini's painted and produced by the very talented Richard at Perfect6. I am planning on using these for a Dungeon exploration/RPG-lite game that I'm in the process of writing. The only thing I have done to these is base them up on 5p pieces with some Milliput made to look like rough flagstones.

 Check out Perfect6's site for far better pics of these minis:

Next is a bit of a coup for my little ol' blog as these are the first pictures of Leven miniatures forthcoming Castles/Keeps, and lovely they are too, I'm informed that their may be some minor changes yet and they should be available to buy around July:

 Mick at Leven has also re-done the city wall set, this being a picture of the newly made Gate section:

Currently I am on with my 15mm scale Mech some more heavy weapons teams, and desperately trying to get my act together to finish of my 6mm sci-fi skirmish stuff!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (3)

Still on with my 15mm stuff, I have now finished the Eureka Ventauran faction with just a Mech to add when it arrives from Critical Mass (hopefully this week while I'm off work), and I have finished off a bunch more MDF buildings.  I am now back to the Army faction which I started with but got distracted by the lovely and very easy to paint Ventaurans.
First up the last of the Ventaurans:
Sniper Team (converted with a bit of pin to extend the barrel)

Heavy Support Team

Combat Tech Team

The final squad:

The whole Ventauran faction:

Special Forces Squad (White Dragon Miniatures)

Another Gruntz squad(GZG miniatures)

a MBT for the Army faction:

and I went back and added a commander to the first tank I had painted:

The Army faction is almost there:

Some Multi-Storey and shack like buildings picked up cheap on E-bay, I have added a load of bits from the spares pile to try and "Sci-Fi" them up a bit along with a few professional bits from GZG and Brigade:

I have now got a reasonable sized built up area with a run down colony look:

I cant stop painting this stuff at the moment and have nearly painted everything I plan on getting, I'll soon get back to my beloved 6mm however and finish off that sci-fi skirmish project and some new fantasy miniatures I have gotten hold of from Perfect6 which are awesome!