Saturday, 9 April 2016

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (3)

Still on with my 15mm stuff, I have now finished the Eureka Ventauran faction with just a Mech to add when it arrives from Critical Mass (hopefully this week while I'm off work), and I have finished off a bunch more MDF buildings.  I am now back to the Army faction which I started with but got distracted by the lovely and very easy to paint Ventaurans.
First up the last of the Ventaurans:
Sniper Team (converted with a bit of pin to extend the barrel)

Heavy Support Team

Combat Tech Team

The final squad:

The whole Ventauran faction:

Special Forces Squad (White Dragon Miniatures)

Another Gruntz squad(GZG miniatures)

a MBT for the Army faction:

and I went back and added a commander to the first tank I had painted:

The Army faction is almost there:

Some Multi-Storey and shack like buildings picked up cheap on E-bay, I have added a load of bits from the spares pile to try and "Sci-Fi" them up a bit along with a few professional bits from GZG and Brigade:

I have now got a reasonable sized built up area with a run down colony look:

I cant stop painting this stuff at the moment and have nearly painted everything I plan on getting, I'll soon get back to my beloved 6mm however and finish off that sci-fi skirmish project and some new fantasy miniatures I have gotten hold of from Perfect6 which are awesome!

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