Wednesday, 30 August 2017

World War 2 - 15mm Project - Part 3 - The Germans

Well this is the painting task that broke the camels back so to speak, after painting almost 100 British with Camo smocks the roughly 40 Germans I had to paint again in Camo tunics sent me over the edge for a few weeks as I just couldn't face doing anymore camo patterns. I still have another platoon and some vehicles to do but the platoon and vehicles that I have finished will do me for now, as its plenty to play Bolt Action with.

So onto the minis, these are either Battlefront or Peter Pig and as per the British Airborne post the Peter Pig miniatures are the much nicer of the two. Battlefronts minis was not overly clear and the poses were dull in the main, whilst Mr Pigs were crisply cast with loads of detail and in my opinion were better posed.

First up the HQ elements:

Next the three 9 man squads each with a slightly different load out as regards MG's:

And finally a few vehicles the STUG & Halftrack are from Battlefront and M/C combo from Peter Pig(I still need to buy and add some transfer for these as yet):

I have currently got a Fantasy itch that I need to scratch, so the Sci-Fi and WW2 stuff is on the back burner for the moment as I concentrate on finishing my Pocketquest stuff and dip my toe into 15mm Dragon Rampant.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

An Epic Tale (V)- More Reinforcements

About a year ago a mate of mine mentioned that he had some old Imperial Guard Epic tunnellers stashed away somewhere which I could have. Some time later and after some persistent nagging from yours truly, he turned up with all these:

Not being the greedy type I opted to just take the tunnellers rather than the whole lot. After a good soak in Dettol, they looked like this:


And after a quick paint job they look like this: 

Back to finishing my 15mm WW2 Germans next, then onto some ore Pocketquest stuff and my unpainted Blood Bowl teams.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Blood Bowl (III) - Miscellany

I am in the middle of a Blood Bowl League at the moment so I have been spending some time bringing my teams up to scratch.

I managed to pick up three 3rd edition GW Blood Bowl Orcs which will compliment my all plastic Orcs nicely. These things are usually quite expensive being 20 years old, but I got them for a snip on E-bay probably due to them being very poorly and thickly painted:

A good soak in Dettol and a light scrub later:

Whilst tarting up my Orc team I decided to convert the spare goblin I had into a manager/coach type, this was my first go with green stuff other than filling cracks, I added a mac like coat and flat cap(albeit not very successfully), he now looks like a version of Andy Capp(if he was a Flasher!)which kinda suits the team:



 And I added this collection of bits to make my sideline more interesting:

I also give one of the cheerleaders a new hair colour(she has become something of a background character in the narrative of our league): 
Finally the new additions warranted a new team photo:

and the now complete sideline:

Oh and I acquired a new head for my Ogre(I had always wanted a helmeted version) so quickly replaced the existing one:

 I reckon it'll be some 6mm next for a change! Though I do have a new Blood Bowl team(well 2 actually) that is sat staring at me!

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (11) - The Colony - Finished!

Some time back I was kindly given a load of MDF building kits and off cuts by Connor at The Miniature Architect. These were ideal for finishing off my 15mm Sci-fi Colony and would allow me to play decent sized urban games.

So off to the bits box for a load of gubbins to "Sci-Fi" up the stuff I had, first up the actual kits I received:

(The building on the right in these pics is a kit bash)

Secondly the stuff I bodged together from off cuts and parts of kits:

All the new additions:

and finally a few pictures of my now complete colony:

I'm now desperate to play a Black Hawk Down style scenario but using Sci-Fi stuff with the Gruntz ruleset!

Well that's the second of 3 projects that between them caused me a major painters block, the third is all but done, but with the desire to paint returning I have already become distracted with two other small paint jobs.