Thursday, 26 November 2015

A long time ago on a Blog far, far away - Star Wars - 6mm Project (I)

With all the recent hype, I thought I would paint up some suitable looking 6mm miniatures to represent some of the classic Star Wars characters, so here they are, all miniatures from CinC and Irregular:

A Scruffy looking nerf-herder:

An older Jedi like knight:

A Generic Jedi like knight:

A Bad Guy Jedi:

Some Robots:

Bad Guy Infantry:

Hairy Sidekick:

A Galactic Princess(yeah, yeah I know its not the best proxie!) 

 More Bad Guy Infantry:

The Big Bad Guy:

All of them so far:

The Bad Guys:

The Good Guys:

Well that's all of them for now, I am still sourcing a few more miniatures and think I have found some more at CinC, Angel Barracks and Dark Realm, but I really must get on with my Imperial Guard who keep getting shunted to the side in favour of silly projects like this one.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

6mm Dark Ages(II) - More Longships

A very short post just to show that I have finished one part of my Dark Ages project, the Longships. In my last post on this subject I had finished all three ships and just needed to finish off the crew. I also had to replace the stern post on the Snekke as I had lost the original piece and had replaced it with a bit of paper-clip, very oddly many, many, weeks later it appeared in plain sight, so was quickly attached.

Anyway here they are all together and finished along side Levens new jetty pieces:


That's all for this time, back to the Imperial Guard for me, well unless something shiny gets in the way!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

An Epic Tale (III) - The Imperial Guard - part 1

Back to my beloved Epic with this post, the first and core part of my Imperial Guard army. Yet again I was lucky enough to be given a decent chunk of this army including painted up tank, artillery and infantry companies. I then turned to E-bay, various fora and Facebook trading groups to pick up what I considered I was missing. Luckily(again) I fell upon some bargains and managed to add the extra infantry companies and various other units including a super heavy tank company for next to nothing price wise. I did hit a blank wall when looking for Valkyries and Support Platoons but was happy to pick up some proxies from Steel Crown and some nicer looking figures from Troublemaker games to replace the original GW Storm-troopers which I didn't particularly like.

So on to what I have painted so far, I'm nearly half way through and have painted up the core forces to make a small playable army with a few options:

Artillery Company with Hydra:

Bike Squadron:

Super Heavy Tank Company:

Thunderbolt Squadron:

The First Infantry Company, with additional Ogryn , Ratling and Support Platoons:


The first of an intended 3 Sentinel Squadrons:

(Old School) Hellhound Platoon:

(Proxy) Valkyrie Squadron:

(Proxy) Storm-Trooper Platoon:

Tank Company:

Regimental HQ /Mech. Inf. Company:

Only three whole infantry companies plus their Ratling/Ogryn/Support wpn platoons to do, oh and a Rough Rider platoon and two more Sentinel platoons and another platoon of Storm-troopers and two Marauder bombers and a Reaver Titan...