Monday, 10 August 2020

Man O War (Part 4)- Scenery

Whilst the card islands and terrain features that come with the box are good enough, I couldn't resist making some 3D terrain. Figuring Brigade Models small scale scenery stuff should fit size-wise I placed a small order for some buildings, castle parts, towers etc to tart up my planned islands, and these are the results:

First up a few sea stacks made from wine corks, and one of which has a few towers attached to make it more interesting and fantasy and an ancient lighthouse that I reckon looks fantasy enough:

Next a selection of small islands, featuring temples, and fortifications:

The  larger Islands(although one is meant to be a headland rather than an island):

A sunken temple(inspired by playing too much Assassins Creed: Odyssey) made from odds n ends from the bits box:

a couple of dangerous rocky areas:

Finally a wreck marker and debris counter:

And that should be more than enough to add some variety to the blue sheet I currently use as a sea-scape, though when I an next be bothered I might have a go at some of the chaos themed terrain!

A week at the seaside coming up and as their is a FLGS there I may come back with a totally new project or more likely just a restock of paints/brushes.

Friday, 31 July 2020

Man O War (Part 3)- The Empire

It's not Warhammer without some faux Germans so up next is the start of the largest of my planned fleets, The Empire.

I was lucky in that I managed to get hold of two original Greatships and a squadron of Wolfships, which combined with the 6 plastic galleys in the box set was enough for a fleet.

I then stumbled across some resin 3D prints and managed to pickup some cheap reinforcements (and I must say the quality of these resin prints is fantastic with no clean up or lines whatsoever!)


Wolfships(these are 3D prints):

Hellhammers(as are these):


The whole fleet:


I'm in no rush to finish off the remaining Wolfships as I am lacking original masts and will hang on and see if I can pick some up before resorting to cocktail sticks.

The Ironfists just need some sails, and I plan on doing the other Greatship fairly soon, although I am concentrating on painting up sufficient fleets for all the factions I have, rather than fully completing each fleet at once.

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Man O War (Part 2)- Pirates & Sea Monsters

Following on from last time, the core set of MOW comes with 6 plastic galleys which are intended to be for the Pirate faction and although these are a fairly redundant faction having no main ship and that I could have used the galleys for the Empire fleet, I couldn't resist having some traditional pirate types.

so here are the 6 galleys painted up:

The only extra option for the pirate fleet is a squadron of renegade Hellfists (improbable Empire mortar type ships), so I got some prints from E-bay(I'm quite impressed with my masts on these as they were made up of 5 separate pieces):

And the whole fleet:

Having always wanted the Sea Monsters that GW released I managed to pickup a box fairly cheaply on E-bay along with a loose Sea Elemental and quickly got them painted up, the Triton and Sea Dragon were mainly painted with GW contrast paints which made the job very quick and easy:

Still more MOW on the desk at the moment, Empire and Orcs are the next to be done.

Monday, 20 July 2020

Man O War (Part 1) - Chaos

Well this is a bit out of the blue!

Let me explain, Man O War was launched whilst I was on a hiatus from gaming in my early 20's although I was aware of its existence due to having a younger brother who had taken up gaming, and whilst it caught my eye I had neither the time or inclination to pick it up at that point. Fast forward a number of years to when I return to gaming and MOW is just about keeping its head above the waves soon to disappear for ever, but I was too distracted by the shiny new Epic/Blood Bowl and Warmaster stuff to notice its demise.

Since then MOW has always been the game that got away and one of the few Old School GW games I haven't actually played. Every now and again I would browse E-bay and consider buying in, but one thing or another stopped me. However the day has finally come (I blame the Covid Lockdown!!) and I now have the original box set plus both expansions, a bunch of original GW ships and a load of 3D prints.

The first to arrive in these days of haphazard postal services, was a small Khorne fleet, all 3D prints from E-Bay and for around £15.00 in total which considering most original GW ships go for anywhere between £15-£50 each is not bad.

They took a little cleaning up (but overall I'm more than happy with the prints despite them being filament rather than resin which would have been much nicer)and some time was taken making masts from cocktail sticks with some hole-punched plastic card for the fighting tops:

I then sprayed them all white and painted in the main colours before a quick light wash with earthshade. The original GW sail sets can be found online so I utilised these to finish off the fleet:




The Khorne contingent:

2nd to turn up was my original GW Tzeentch stuff, just the two "ships" to which I added another squadron of printed Deathgalleys with the masts set up differently to offer some slight variation.

Winged Terror(which is still a work in progress as I fell out with the Tzeentch stuff!)

Bane Tower(this is the reason i fell out wit the Tzeentch stuff having picked up a "bargain" on E-bay only to find out it was missing two of its towers  swiftly replaced by some Brigade models small scale Irish towers:

Deathgalleys(I changed the mast set up for both variety and to fit the only Tzeentchian sail I could find online):

The Tzeentch fleet:

Definitely more MOW next, as I've waited over 20 years for this game and I am currently enthusiastically painting my way through a small Pirate contingent and an Empire fleet.