Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Old West Gaming (Part 1)

Apologies for the lack of recent posts to those few of you that follow this Blog, due to a case of Tennis Elbow and ennui, I haven't done much in the way of painting recently, but am slowly forcing myself to pick the brushes back up and get some stuff done.

So with that in mind I decided to re-visit my 28mm(or thereabouts) old West stuff that had been languishing in a box for the last 3 years.

 Whilst I have a fully painted gang of desperadoes they were in dire need of a touch up having been through the wars somewhat, and as I had binned all my Old West scenery(predominately printed out card stock buildings that had gotten knackered through bad storage and time) I really needed to work on some scenery.

First up is the gang, which just needed some touching up and a quick re-base to make them more consistent with each other(minis from Dixon, Foundry and Artisan):

Secondly, I have started to replace the now disposed of cardstock scenery with some MDF stuff from the excellent TTCombat range:

Finally a little bit of street furniture, the fences are from RedVectors the other bits from various places:

I have about 10 more gunslingers to do, plus a similar amount of citizens and hired guns, plus a load more buildings so hopefully this project will get me back at it.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Blood Bowl (VII) - The Undead

Well I have finally picked my brushes up after almost two months of no painting and I have managed to finish off my Blood Bowl (Shambling)Undead team, that's 5 of 7 finished, so without further ado, here they are(all minis are GW apart from the dwarf with an axe in his head which is from Greebo):

And as I have to have Staff/Side-line figures these days, I did a coach and a cheerleader(minis from Reaper, turn markers etc are GW bits).

With them out of the way I'm determined to clear the stuff on my painting desk before doing anything else, so I am now on with a bunch of 15mm and 6mm fantasy stuff, plus a few Blood Bowl Star Players, oh and some 2mm ECW stuff, all of which will be the subjects of the next few(hopefully more regular) posts.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Odds & Ends (18) - Lords & Lands - New Army List - Greek Myth

Just added to the main L&L page and here as well are the Greek Myth lists which include a bunch of new unit specific rules:

Greek Myth List

Monday, 20 August 2018

Blood Bowl (VI) - A load of balls!

Still not really on with any significant painting, but to keep my hand in, I have completed this small project for Blood Bowl. Having collected various balls from earlier and current editions, I decided to paint up one of each variety, not that we tend to use the special ball rules(their is enough going on in blood bowl that you don't need to complicate matters further!),  however it's still nice to have the option should we ever feel the need to add another layer of craziness:

and all together:

Hopefully the urge to paint will be back now the heat has gone.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

An Epic Tale (VI) - A few more reinforcements

Another short post primarily due to me having been distracted with the World Cup and it being far too hot to sit inside and paint.

My mate very kindly gave me 3 old GW Imperial Bombards; which after stripping them, I quickly painted up to add to my already decent size Imperial Guard army. As I didn't have any bombards this is a useful addition to my choice of forces:

And mustered together with the rest of my IG artillery:

Hopefully back to longer/more regular posts once the heat abates, til then you'll find me frying in the Costa del Backgarden!!

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Odds & Ends (17) - Lords & Lands - Scenario & Terrain Generator

Just a quick post with an update to the Lords & Lands page, Craig has sent me a Scenario/Terrain Generator which I have uploaded to both the Lords & Lands Page and the Wargaming Resources page, plus for ease I have also linked it here:

LAL scenario generator

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Blood Bowl (V) - The Halflings (and some other bits)

I have wanted a full Halfling team for literally decades, but one thing or another always stopped me getting one. Last year GW re-released all their classic 3rd edition Blood Bowl teams so I took the opportunity to bag me a bunch of halflings.

I did a few arm changes here and there and the addition of a couple of spikes ensured no two looked the same, and I added an old 2nd edition Halfling into the team to make up the numbers.

Onto the mini's, here's the starting 11:

(The Treeman is from Willy Miniatures)

and the obligatory team shot(s):

The ever ready and always required substitutes:

An as yet un-fielded Star Player(this is also from Willy miniatures and a bit too big in my opinion hence he's on a slimmer base)

No Halfling team is complete without a Masterchef, and as I like having a some sideline staff, I added a manager(which I think is from Impact miniatures)

I made the table of food and table from some Green Stuff and an MDF base, and I have to admit being quite pleased with result, especially as I'm not one for messing around with modelling putty that much

The two Cheerleaders are old 2nd edition Halfling linemen with added Green stuff boobs, pom-poms and long hair(not visible in this pic) which I thought I'd have a go at seeing how the chefs table turned out so well

Turn markers etc, made form old 2nd edition linemen and some food I got from Alternative Armies 28mm range

I saw this on E-bay and couldn't resist adding it to the team, although tis totally pointless:

And as I was on with counters I did these for my Lizardmen team:

These for my Orc team;

And these for my Human team:

Finally I did a few of the dozens of balls I have collected over the years:

The recent good weather has stopped almost all hobby activities, but hopefully I will finish off some more 15mm fantasy shortly and then onto my next Blood Bowl team.