This is where I will upload anything I have that I think others may find useful, reference sheets, campaign rules gaming aids etc:

Blitzkrieg Commander - Counters - ( made by the Itinerant Hobbyist)

Order Counters for Epic: Armageddon - (I'm not sure who made these, I found them on the web somewhere)

Simple Campaign Rules for Pirates CSG - written by me

A very handy crib sheet for Trafalgar  - written by me

Warmaster Army lists for A Song of Ice & Fire - written by me

Warmaster Points cost summary  - written by me

Gruntz reference sheet - written by me

Pocketquest (UPDATED JUNE 2017)

Pocketquest Character Sheet

Lords & Lands Army Lists (UPDATED JUNE 2017)

Lords & Lands Points Calculator (UPDATED JUNE 2017)

Lords & Lands Scenario Generator - by Craig Armstrong


  1. I made those BKC counters. I'm glad someone found them useful.

  2. More than useful, I'd struggle to play without them! I have now credited you with their creation :-)