Thursday, 17 June 2021

Not Dead Yet!

 Apologies for the lack of recent posts, damage to my rotator cuff in my shoulder has meant that I have had to lay off painting for a while, hopefully back to the brushes soon!

Saturday, 3 April 2021

American Civil War -10mm Project - Part 1

 Well here goes with my third attempt at this period(and in a third scale!), and so far and despite my traditional mid-winter painting slump, I have managed to paint enough to start play-testing a few rule sets. 

I have gone with 10mm to get the massed rank effect and I thought it would be easier to paint the ridiculous amount of facial hair in 10mm rather than my more usual 6mm choice. After a little research I went with Lancashire Games "Blaze Away" range, being lovely sculpts and the range has almost everything I need.

First up, is the start of my Confederate Brigade, which so far consists of two Regiments an Artillery Battery, Command and I have made a few markers for the rules(Rank & File) that I am leaning towards.

On to the miniatures:

Artillery Battery:

A few stands of infantry in Skirmish order:

The First Infantry Regiment:

And its Command:

Second Infantry Regiment:

And Command:

Brigade Command:

And finally a few Markers/Counters to represent the various conditions that can effect your units

this represents 1 Wound:

Two Wounds(stands are removed once they have received three wounds, so no need for anymore):

And for Morale purposes, this will represent a unit that is Unsteady:

And this will be to show that a unit is Routing:

I want to add another two or three Infantry Regiments, another Artillery Battery and a Cavalry Regiment, plus some Limbers and Supply Wagons to round out the force, but this lot will do for now at least to allow me to do some solo playtesting, well once I have a few Union troops to fight, which I am currently on with. 

Sunday, 28 February 2021

Middle Earth Gaming - Part 7 - Mordor

My main evil force is a Mordor army which can double as a Barad-dur army for the most part and allows me to use Sauron. Unlike the Isengard army in my last post I actually painted this lot(well all but five):


The Witchking:(including the last of my remaining mini's from GW's original Middle Earth range)

Nazgul on Ringwraith: (Painted by my son)



The Mouth of Sauron:(painted by a mate as part of the bundle I bought off him)

Shagrat:(I bought this on E-Bay and it came painted, I usually always strip and re-paint but this fella was so nicely done I couldnt bring myself to do it!)


Orc Command:

Troll:(bought from the same guy as Shagrat and again too well done to be stripped, I simply add a wash over the armour to dirty it up a little)

Mordor Orcs:

Morannan Orcs:

Warg Riders:

Just my Haradrim force for the bad guys left to do which I am about a third of the way through. then its the 4 small warbands for the good guys that I have left to do.