Thursday, 24 September 2020

Middle Earth Gaming - part 1

Well my trip to the coast and the compulsory visit to the local gaming shop has started an entirely new project, mainly due to my sons enthusiasm, and I'm guessing that from the the title of this post you know where this is going!

This isn't my first dabble at wargaming in Middle Earth, having picked up most of GW's original 1986 range back in the day, and more recently (well in the last 10 years or so at least) I picked up some of the Middle Earth magazines that came with various miniatures(and promptly sold them). 

Middle Earth is something I've always had an interest in having cut my gaming teeth on ICE's MERP,  and Tolkien being my introduction to fantasy but my hatred of painting 28mm stuff has always held me back.

Despite that I convinced myself that both the Minas Tirith troops and the Orcs should be easy enough to paint being basically armour and drab colours respectively, and that, with a few characters and monsters would be enough for me and my son to have a casual game.

Six weeks later and I have just finished gluing, undercoating, painting, basing 130 minis, and I still have 40-50 to do!!! My mate then offered me his nicely painted Isengard army plus a bunch of other minis for a great price, so I've gone from owning 3 Middle Earth minis(the last of my 1986 range) to about 250 in just a few weeks! Anyway enough of my rambles besides I'm only trying to justify the expenditure, on to the first batch of minis that I've taken pics of:

The Rank & File:

Some Generic Command:

And some named Heroes:

And whilst not technically part of this army, I couldn't resist painting up an Aragorn for future use:

I'll get round to taking some pics of the rest of them(mainly Orcs of one variety or another) shortly.

Monday, 10 August 2020

Man O War (Part 4)- Scenery

Whilst the card islands and terrain features that come with the box are good enough, I couldn't resist making some 3D terrain. Figuring Brigade Models small scale scenery stuff should fit size-wise I placed a small order for some buildings, castle parts, towers etc to tart up my planned islands, and these are the results:

First up a few sea stacks made from wine corks, and one of which has a few towers attached to make it more interesting and fantasy and an ancient lighthouse that I reckon looks fantasy enough:

Next a selection of small islands, featuring temples, and fortifications:

The  larger Islands(although one is meant to be a headland rather than an island):

A sunken temple(inspired by playing too much Assassins Creed: Odyssey) made from odds n ends from the bits box:

a couple of dangerous rocky areas:

Finally a wreck marker and debris counter:

And that should be more than enough to add some variety to the blue sheet I currently use as a sea-scape, though when I an next be bothered I might have a go at some of the chaos themed terrain!

A week at the seaside coming up and as their is a FLGS there I may come back with a totally new project or more likely just a restock of paints/brushes.

Friday, 31 July 2020

Man O War (Part 3)- The Empire

It's not Warhammer without some faux Germans so up next is the start of the largest of my planned fleets, The Empire.

I was lucky in that I managed to get hold of two original Greatships and a squadron of Wolfships, which combined with the 6 plastic galleys in the box set was enough for a fleet.

I then stumbled across some resin 3D prints and managed to pickup some cheap reinforcements (and I must say the quality of these resin prints is fantastic with no clean up or lines whatsoever!)


Wolfships(these are 3D prints):

Hellhammers(as are these):


The whole fleet:


I'm in no rush to finish off the remaining Wolfships as I am lacking original masts and will hang on and see if I can pick some up before resorting to cocktail sticks.

The Ironfists just need some sails, and I plan on doing the other Greatship fairly soon, although I am concentrating on painting up sufficient fleets for all the factions I have, rather than fully completing each fleet at once.