Saturday, 7 December 2019

Gaslands (8) Refuelled

I recently received the new and updated edition of Gaslands, along with North Stars fancy sprue of conversion parts/bits.  Thusly inspired I set to work on adding a few more vehicles to my collection, primarily working on filling in the missing vehicles types(and using some of the nice new bits up at the same time).


Ice Cream Van:

Buggy(bit big but it'll do):

Helicopter(bit small but it'll do):


and whilst not a different class as such, I have been wanting to add some Cops to the pool of vehicles:

(Northstars New) Motorbike:

And I did the first of my pedestrians(Elheim Miniatures):

And finally that most deadly of vehicles, the Princess Car(as painted by my daughter):

I have a Gyrocopter and a bunch more Pedestrians to do for Gaslands and that's it really, I'm still missing an Ambulance which if/when I see something suitable I'll get round to doing.

Back to 15mm fantasy next as I really want to finish off my Orc/Goblin warband and I only 15 minis to do.

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Prohibition Era - 15mm Project - (V) - G-Men

I am trying to vary up my painting so as to keep my interest up and avoid the major burnout I suffered late last year/early this year. So with that in mind, I turned my brush to doing some more on one of my stalled projects.

Having finally found some suitable vehicles and having a lead on some nice looking buildings, I revisited my 15mm Prohibition project. I also picked up Ospreys "Mad Dogs with Guns" rules which I really like.

Onto the miniatures then all of which are from Blue Moons G-Men pack:

And a few in game shots from my test run of Mad Dogs with Guns:

I'll be doing some of the civilians and the vehicles next but want to get another couple of jobs out of the way first.

Saturday, 30 November 2019

Distractions & Diversions (6) - Mouslings

Wanting a break from 15mm Fantasy I moved on to 28mm Fantasy!!

I bought these with a view to painting them with my 7 year old daughter, my 9 year old son already paints miniatures and isn't too bad and whilst my daughter has wanted to join in she didn't want to paint soldiers or monsters, hence the purchase of a bunch of reaper miniatures "Mouslings" some for her and some for me to paint along with her.

I reckon I could use these for Rangers of Shadow Deep or Frostgrave, and I have seen some suitable bad guys for them to fight from Northumbrian Tin Soldier miniatures which I will pick up at some stage.

Anyway on to the minis, these are the one's I have done so far:

Back to 15mm for my next post but not fantasy this time.