Tuesday, 16 April 2019

On the painting desk(3)

Well finally I seem to have regained the urge to paint things, having decided to finish of a couple of 28mm minis just to get them off the desk, (I have come to the conclusion that I painted far too many 28mm's last year and that is what caused my recent non-painting spell!).

 I then started a few 15mm fantasy types so that I can play my newly acquired "5 Leagues from the Borderlands". I also finished off one whole stand of a 3mm ECW project that I bought in the hope it would inspire me to paint(It didn't!)

Finally I picked up some 6mm Epic Orks and before I knew it I was rattling through them.

A few pics of my recent progress, first up the last of the 28mm stuff:

These will be the henchmen for my 5 Leagues from the Borderlands party, whilst the elf is the last member of the party I need to finish:

and the ECW unit:

And finally, the start of my Epic Orks:

Hopefully I'll get back to posting semi-regular content in the coming weeks, as I have made some good headway with the Orks and want to finish off a few more 15mm fantasy minis.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Blood Bowl (VIII) - Star Players

Still not really painting much at the moment, I had re-started but then decided to finally finish off my man cave and had to put things away whilst I did the requisite DIY, so I'll post up these that I did late last year.

It's taken me about 30 years but I have finally got a reasonably decent selection of Blood Bowl Star Players for use in my league, not that I ever use them myself but still its nice to have an albeit limited choice

and the two I had previously done:

Which leaves just 3 to finish off giving me when complete a full 11 strong all star team, but since hitting my recent no painting spell I haven't been in the mood to finish them off, hopefully as I am now starting to get back into it I'll get them finished.