Monday, 23 October 2017

15mm Fantasy(I) - The Undead

Despite the lack of content recently; I have been busy painting and gaming, but due to lack of focus I'm not managing to finish anything off to the point its worth posting up here. Saying that I have concentrated long enough to finish off my first of a planned 3 (well maybe 4) Dragon Rampant warbands.

Having always wanted an undead army for which I blame the Jason and the Argonauts movie and GW for making a load of multi part/pose plastic skeletons way back in my gaming youth(24 skellies for £3.95!!), and one day I plan on investing in a decent size 6mm undead army. Dragon Rampant has allowed to scratch the itch for the time being.

First up the non-dead part of my army, my necromancer and his devoted cultists:

Light missiles in the shape of some Skeleton bowmen:

Light foot:

Some more light foot:


And some more light foot:

Finally the obligatory whole warband shot:

I'm working through an Orc/goblin warband and a warband made up of heroes at the moment, still need to finish off my Pocketquest stuff and made a start on my 2 remaining Blood Bowl teams.