Thursday, 29 September 2016

Odds & Ends (13) - Miscellaneous Scenics - Sci Fi Stuff (6mm & 15mm)

More scenery in this post, this time with an eye on expanding my Sci-Fi scenery.

First up some cheapo aquarium plants bodged together to look like some sort of alien flora:

Next are some Pegasus models, plastic Cacti which I had spare from my old West(28mm) project:

This was a Micro-Machines escape pod, which has been hanging around my bits box for ages, so I quickly based it up - it can be an objective and works for both 6mm and 15mm:

Feel free to have a laugh at this next piece which has been christened Star Fish Mountain, as I'm sure see why:

And finally as my bits box was getting too full(again) a scrapyard made entirely from real scrap, even the building was made from the spare bits of "sprue" you get with laser cut MDF stuff:

Fantasy/Medieval scenery next time, as soon as I get around to finishing my new castle.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Odds & Ends (12) - More Miscellaneous Scenics (6mm & 15mm)

This week I have been mostly making trees, mainly with my 6mm Vietnam project in mind, and whilst I was at it making a little bit more sci-fi jungle like terrain for my 15mm stuff, plus a tiny orchard and some rock outcrops.

First up my 6mm "jungle" which I appreciate looks nothing like real jungle but will serve to represent it better than my standard deciduous trees, these are mainly for my 6mm Vietnam games but can double up for 6mm Sci-fi/Fantasy too. Simply made with some cheap plastic pond weed cut up and with a dressmakers flat headed pin stuck through for the trunk:

This next little piece was made using Alder tree catkins which once dried out and covered in PVA and flock can be dry brushed in various shades of green and I also added little red blobs of paint to represent fruit, all credit to my mate Jase for bringing these to my attention.


Next I finally got round to making some rocky out crops which work with either 6mm or 15mm, for these I bought some Javis Countryside Scenics - Cork Bark:

Next post will be more scenery this time with a Sci-Fi theme.