Tuesday, 8 December 2015

6mm Sci-Fi/Post Apoc Project (III) - Scenics & the first Miniatures

Another quick post, showing a few bits and bobs I have been adding to my Sci-Fi/Post Apoc project, this time its a few buildings from the excellent Angel Barracks and a few of his miniatures too, plus some more miniatures from a selection of companies and some bits and bobs of terrain/objective markers. I haven't fully decided on what game to use these in as yet, or whether to go sandy desert or grey rubble on the bases hence the temporary plain-ness on some of them:

Angel Barracks:

Some old GW Epic Stuff:
Crashed titan
Ork Supa gun
crashed land speeder

spare skorcha trailer

 Old Crow infantry:

Steel Crown Aliens:


I really need to crack back on with my Imperial Guard but whilst there are a few smallish outstanding projects nearing completion I just cant concentrate on them, my plan then is to get these small jobs out of the way (dark ages warband, Napoleonic ships) so that I can get back on and finish my Epic stuff.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Distractions & Diversions (4)

I painted these up recently as a gift, as previously mentioned I'm not a fan of 28mm stuff these days, but gotta say I fully enjoyed painting these, especially as they were so quick and easy to do. I can highly recommend this off shoot of Foundry, as they are currently offering free postage and a free sample miniature, both my recent orders were received in a few days of placing the order:

Miniatures from the Casting Room (Foundry):

That was a fun little distraction, back to Epic now, I have just finished basing all my Epic Space Marine and Imperial Guard vehicles which I decided needed doing and this has delayed the Guard being finished plus I have some sci-fi/post apoc terrain and aliens that I need to get done.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

A long time ago on a Blog far, far away - Star Wars - 6mm Project (I)

With all the recent hype, I thought I would paint up some suitable looking 6mm miniatures to represent some of the classic Star Wars characters, so here they are, all miniatures from CinC and Irregular:

A Scruffy looking nerf-herder:

An older Jedi like knight:

A Generic Jedi like knight:

A Bad Guy Jedi:

Some Robots:

Bad Guy Infantry:

Hairy Sidekick:

A Galactic Princess(yeah, yeah I know its not the best proxie!) 

 More Bad Guy Infantry:

The Big Bad Guy:

All of them so far:

The Bad Guys:

The Good Guys:

Well that's all of them for now, I am still sourcing a few more miniatures and think I have found some more at CinC, Angel Barracks and Dark Realm, but I really must get on with my Imperial Guard who keep getting shunted to the side in favour of silly projects like this one.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

6mm Dark Ages(II) - More Longships

A very short post just to show that I have finished one part of my Dark Ages project, the Longships. In my last post on this subject I had finished all three ships and just needed to finish off the crew. I also had to replace the stern post on the Snekke as I had lost the original piece and had replaced it with a bit of paper-clip, very oddly many, many, weeks later it appeared in plain sight, so was quickly attached.

Anyway here they are all together and finished along side Levens new jetty pieces:


That's all for this time, back to the Imperial Guard for me, well unless something shiny gets in the way!