Sunday, 11 October 2015

6mm Fantasy Project (3)

Well it got a little delayed due to holidays, a dislocated knuckle bone and a small dose of painting apathy, plus I've played a load of games of late, but it's now done, so without further ado here is my 6mm Wood Elf army from Microworld all finished:

The Whole Army


 Two units of Spears and Archers

 Three units of Wardancer-types

 The all singing and dancing Treekin featuring a Forest Giant

A couple more units of Spears and Archers

 Two units of Centaur Nobles

Hawk rider units

Two units of Medium Centaurs and a unit of Centaur Archers(Archers from Rapier miniatures)

 The General, 2 Hero's and a wizard

I need to add another army to my fantasy collection and have almost made my mind up that I will pick up the Chaos army next, but this will have to wait til the New Year now.

I have based this army for a new game I have been play-testing: Lords & Lands which has been written by a good friend of mine with Microworld's range in mind.

The Game itself is a fairly fast play mass battle wargame aimed at fantasy gaming, although a historical version will be out soon. The rules can be picked up at Caliver books and whilst I am clearly biased I honestly think its a good game with an innovative command/control system which gets the old grey matter working, this involves, spending command pips to activate and order units, the pips can also be spent on magic, or boosting combat, seizing initiative etc, and a decent size game can be played in around 2 hours. Army lists and Quick Reference Sheet can be found here. I believe I will be helping the author with a demo game at Fiasco in Leeds in a couple of weeks time so if any of you are there pop along for a chat.

Next project in the firing line is my third Epic army - The Imperial Guard, which I am about 1/3rd of the way through, although I keep getting distracted by the last of my 1/1200th Napoleonic ships which as we are currently playing a Trafalgar campaign at the club need finishing sooner rather than later.