Wednesday, 4 November 2015

6mm Fantasy Project (4) - More Scenery

Just a short post to show the handful of fantasy buildings I picked up from Leven Miniatures at Fiasco recently and my "Dead Marshes" project using a few spare Microworld miniatures skeletons my mate gave me:

This little side project started because I wanted some marshy/swampy area terrain, and having just been given a few 6mm skellies, I thought I would try and make a sort of "Dead Marshes" scenic piece, for the water I have used Dimensional Magic stolen from the bosses supplies, which gives a great still water effect, although I am still getting used to working with it and was disappointed to notice a few lines where it hadn't set as well as I had hoped. Apologies for the plethora of pictures some of which are not very good, but I wanted to show the water effect and the skeletons in the water so needed to take pics with and without the flash.


Well that was an enjoyable distraction, now back to the Imperial Guard which I keep finding reasons not to paint.

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