Friday, 22 December 2017

Gaslands (2) More Vehicles, Bikes & Crew

As mentioned in my last post, to compliment my existing Matchbox cars I ordered the crew/bits pack and Biker gang from Ramshackle Games. The Bikers are a bit small to be honest but that doesn't bother me. The bits/modifications pack has plenty of weapons and crew to allow me to build up a good number of vehicles without having to overly resort to oversized 50.cals or pieces of sprue.

Some pictures of the Bikers prior to painting:

I managed to squeeze some crew through the window of this pick-up to test fit them, and they look perfectly sized to me:

Here's a few pics of some of the bikes painted up:

And the Pick-up truck from above, now crewed and painted:

And another one I managed to get some crew into:

No crew in this one, just a bloody big mortar!

And I am already on with my next one:

Finally, the rules allow you to use an Articulated Truck(A War-Rig) and I found this beauty in my big box of cars, with the addition of some turrets a cow-catcher style ram and a load of armour plating I'm hoping this will look fairly impressive:

Next post will be the tutorial I said would be in this post in my last post!


  1. Awesome looking vehicles!
    That big mortar just cracks me up.
    If you're looking for more bikers check out the wasteland warriors from The Scene

  2. Haha, yeah its a bit OTT but I have tried to be fairly subtle with my cars so far, its time for some with more spikz and big gunz!! I'll certainly check the scene stuff out i'd not seen them before, thanks.