Monday, 11 December 2017

15mm Fantasy(III) - Here be Dragons (and some scenery)

I'm taking a small break from my Dragon Rampant warbands to make a start on some fantasy specific scenery and as the laser-cut MDF revolution hasn't gotten round to 15mm Fantasy scenery as yet, its mainly costly resin that I have been acquiring.

But before I get to the smattering of scenery I have done so far, this seems a good a post as any to show a couple of dragons I recently finished, one will be for my undead Warband (I'll let you guess which one) and the other was done with no particular warband in mind - I just wanted to paint up a traditional dragon:

And the other one:

Both Dragon miniatures are from Reaper and marketed as 28mm.

Next, the few pieces of resin scenery I have done so far:

which is an Orc/Goblin shrine from Alternative Armies.

The smallest hovel in Alternative Armies fantasy buildings range(I have most of the others and I must say they are fantastic buildings)

A re-purposed GW Warmaster(10mm) bridge.

A Fenris Miniatures (28mm) standing stone left over from a different project.

The next couple of pieces are both from the aquarium section of the local Pet shop (and cost a fraction of price of actual wargaming stuff):

a few small scenic pieces(from Alternative Armies), the pile of treasure will be used as a counter in one of the Dragon Rampant scenarios and the skulls will make the Aquarium temple a bit more undeady!

This next piece is my first ever purchase of 3D printed scenery - The Winterdale War Tower, I am really happy with it, its a great size and didn't cost the earth, my only minor quibble is the visible striations but on this particular piece with it being predominately stonework its not a deal breaker:

Finally a couple of pics of some of the stuff together to give an idea of relative size:

Still no progress on my Blood bowl Halfling team, but the lead pile has still gone down so that's one thing at least.