Friday, 9 December 2016

An Epic Tale (IV)- Reinforcements have arrived

Whilst racing through the last of my Imperial Guard, I also finished my small Titan Legion:

And for completions sake a few pics of the small additions to the two already completed Epic armies I have added to since posting them on here:

Only one more Epic army to do and that's my Orks, I must admit I'm dreading taking these on as there are more of them than any of the other 3 armies, I have therefore split them into 3 smaller armies to break the task up and make it appear a little less daunting, but that a project for the new year. I still have to finish my 6mm Dark Age project and then its onto re-basing some old stuff and the rest of my small 15mm Prohibition era project.

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  1. That's some very 'eavy metal, but I must admit I think that 'Speeder is cracking!