Saturday, 6 December 2014

My BKC(II) Project - Part 3 - BEF and British Airborne

So on to the final part of this trilogy of posts concerning my BKC project. These final two forces were really supplementary to the main part of the project. The BEF force came about as we mentioned playing the early war at the club and I knew I could do a BEF force by simply using the same infantry I had already painted and swopping out the 6lb guns, armoured and air units. So that's exactly what I did(all miniatures are from Heroics & Ros, except the collapsed parachutes which are Adler):

A selection of early war tanks and some 2lb guns

These were done in no time at all, with a fairly basic(but effective) paintjob, add in the two infantry battalions I already have and its a reasonable sized force.

The British Airborne were another matter,  I have this force in 20mm and wanted it to look the same so I used the same method for the camo smocks and helmets covers (khaki base coat, with tiny dabs of Luftwaffe camo green and German camo pale brown, finished with a mid tone wash). whilst time consuming I think it was worth while, as I didn't want them looking just like the regular infantry with red berets which is all to easy at this scale.

The CO and HQ's

Support Company with 6lb Guns

The Recon Element

Off Table Support
Forward Observers

Full Battalion with support elements
Brigade HQ
I'm quite pleased with how the para's turned out, but was glad to get them finished, this diversion amounted to 42 units and 2845pts.
All in all I ended up with 320 units for BKC and ideally I'd like to add a US Paratroop Battalion at some point but for now I really don't want to see another 6mm WW2 figure for a while.
As that was the conclusion of my main project, I have moved on to my War of the Roses 6mm project for Impetus using Baccus miniatures which again started as a smallish project of about 30 units, but has now reached 93 units, as most of them have 30'ish figures per base I'm looking at nearly 3000 troops in total!! I'll post some pictures soon as I'm now down to last 25 or so units.


  1. Hi!
    Your 6mm WW II figure look good. Well done!
    I find 6mm is a great scale to represent large battles to.
    I take it you are identifying units with the colours around the bases or are those colours for something else?
    What size are your rectangular infantry bases?

  2. Hi Darling! and thanks, I use the colours around the bases to signify different formations, I found it got confusing as to which infantry stand belonged to which formation once games got going. I carried it over onto the Germans even though with them being rated as Flexible in BKC it's not really necessary to differentiate their formations.

    The Infantry are on "Warmaster" bases ie 40mmx20mm, Armour is on the same base, whilst Recce, Recce Support an Observers are based differently purely to aid recognition.