Thursday, 30 October 2014

My BKC(II) Project - Part 2 - Ze Germans

Following on from my last post, my 6mm German army spiralled even more out of control than my British Army, ending up at 10,365 points and 130 units which I blame entirely on the larger variety of German Armour available.

The first formation up is one of two identical infantry battalions, both of which have mechanised support company's whilst the rest are foot sloggers:

And the 2nd infantry battalion:

Next up is my Armoured formation, which was the formation that seemed to grow and grow, though I think I did well in only adding 3 Tigers to the mix. I have done two HQ's for this formation as I tend to split them up with the SPG's in one group and tanks in the other.

This next formation is my big hitter, being a fully mechanised infantry battalion with mechanised support, I used the Panzer Grenadier infantry rather than the standard infantry for this one and even did the smocks and helmet covers in appropriate camouflage:

I wanted to see what the German Para's looked like so ordered a pack, this is the outcome, a reduced strength battalion with some support elements:

A Recon company on foot (well they do have Motorcycles too if they get tired)with some armoured support and Forward Observers:

The CO's formation contains a bunch of odds n sods which didn't fit into other formations:


and the off table support:

As for painting, starting with the infantry, as ever these days I undercoated them brown, and applied mid flesh tone to hands and face, personal weapons were next which were either brown or black, whilst the black was out I did the boots too. German field grey was then used for the rest and to neaten up the earlier coats and I finished with a wash of mid tone. The camo'd vehicles were painted with bleached bone with splodges/stripes of German Luftwaffe camo green and German pale camo brown.

The final part of this project will be the subject of another post which will show my British Airborne and BEF battle-groups

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