Monday, 22 December 2014

More Little Buildings

Just a short post this time just to show a recent batch of buildings I have painted, all from the fantastic Leven Miniatures and this time actually painted for their use on their site (that's the price you have to pay for constantly nagging the owner for Medieval farms, Manor houses and most importantly a Castle).
Anyway on to the products, all from the Middle East range, all nicely cast and a joy to paint, and in fact very easy to paint being simply base-coated a sandy brown, and dry brushed lighter and lighter, until I was happy with the overall effect, the texturing on the model made this all very easy, a very light wash finished them off and added a more aged look. I also added a couple of awnings to some of the buildings, the posts to attach them to are already in place and it was easy enough to do with a small piece of card.
 I don't play any desert warfare games but will look at getting some of these in the future for my 6mm sci-fi stuff as I think they would make a decent Mos Eisley like settlement.

Detailing the interior of this market stall was easier than I thought it would be, I simply blobbed a few colours around on and below a basic table-like thing, I think it gives the impression of a table of goods quite well.

As I said a short one this time, I'll be focusing on my painting desk next post, with its varied ongoing projects.

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