Thursday, 1 March 2018

15mm Fantasy(IV) - The Heroes

Well I have finally got round to painting the one fantasy mini I needed to be able to field a small Dragon Rampant force consisting of heroic types, strange really as it was the first one I started many months back. I still need to do another 6 figure band of heroes and a 12 figure unit of basic infantry for this army, but I now have just enough to field a legit DR army.

All the minis are from Ral Partha Europe - 15mm Demonworld range, apart from the "beastmaster" and entourage, towards the end who are from Copplestone.

These 6 stereotypical adventuring party minis will count as Heavy Foot:

This will be my leader, who will a single figure unit which will count as Elite Infantry(with spellcaster):


And these two will also count as Elite infantry:

Beastmaster and entourage(Copplestone) whis will be Lesser Warbeasts:

I have made a start on the second band of heroes, well I have done this Halfling from Magister Militum:

and I have painted the first of the 32 Elves I have to do:

Finally whilst I was painting the 15mm Gandalf type I had a sense of deja-vu a quick dig in my storage boxes and out popped a gathering of Gandalfs:

Feeling the fantasy vibe at the moment so I am busy finishing off the last bits of scenery.

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