Saturday, 10 February 2018

Gaslands (4)

I am still keeping myself busy converting cars for Gaslands. Luckily I have tons of cars already plus you can pick them up for a £1, unfortunately the huge pile of potential conversions has been putting me off so I have now narrowed it down to doing 20 vehicles, 10 bikes and a War Rig, otherwise I'll just get nothing done!

Onto my latest vehicles, first up the finished pics of the car I had started in my Gaslands (2) post (all crew are from Ramshackle games):

I thought I'd use up some of my crew mini's on this one, its a shame you cant really see the driver once he's in place:

 The driver before he went in:

I wanted something to represent a vehicle with a 125mm(the biggest gun in Gaslands) so cobbled this together:

This one comes with front and rear mounted MG's:

After a recent drubbing I immediately made this one with a turret to counter my opponents:

Another big pick-up(which are proving to be my favourite vehicles to convert):

And finally my first Monster Truck, which came out better than expected:

I really need to do some scenery to add to the meagre and ad-hoc selection I have currently, but I'm enjoying converting the vehicles so much at the moment that I plan on finishing off the last few before cracking on with other stuff.

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