Thursday, 12 June 2014

What I've got and what I play

The Purge:

Its easy to get distracted as a wargamer, when the latest ruleset or miniature release takes your fancy it's hard to resist and before you know it you have an eclectic collection of half built, half painted forces. Well at least thats how I was, but when my first child was born (nearly 5 years ago) I soon realised that my gaming time was going to be severely reduced, so I started a much needed cull of the miniatures/rules that I either no longer cared for or knew I would never get around to painting up. I also intended on moving on to smaller scales to save on scenery/storage space, so out went my:

28mm Ancients.
almost my entire collection of GW's Warmaster range (I was lucky with these having bought almost everything when they were initially released).
my three 40K armies.
entire legions of 6mm Epic Orks, Space Marines and Squats.
2 Blood Bowl teams plus spare Star players and the like.
the majority of my really old early 80's pre slotta stuff.
all my GZG starships and Battlefleet Gothic stuff.
my 20mm WW2 British Infantry.
several boardgames.

By doing this I narrowed my focus and was actually able to crack on and get projects moving again, it also funded my wargaming purchases for 3 years, mainly due to some of my Warmaster stuff being very rare, I got over £100 for a packet that cost me £5. So now nearly 5 years on from the start of the purge, I am much happier in my hobby, as the unpainted lead mountain has shrunk drastically, and I'm getting more gaming in, on the games I've focused on, which brings me to them.

The Survivors:

So this is what I currently play:

6mm World War 2 using H&R miniatures and BKC2 rules (I have both a British Brigade and the German equivilent at a scale of 1 stand = 1 platoon).

(Some of my 6mm WW2 Late war British)

(German Panzer Grenadier Battalion)

(German Armour)

6mm War of the Roses using Baccus miniatures and Impetvs rules (I have around 90 units based for Impetvs).

(A game of 6mm War of the Roses, at the club)

15mm/20mm World War 2 using either my own 20mm SHQ miniatures (about 2-300 of these plus a dozen or so vehicles) or my mates 15mm FOW miniatures with the Rules of Engagement ruleset.

(20mm Para's defending a casino)

X-Wing, I have everything bar the latest large ships that have just been released.

6mm Napoleonic using Black Powder and my mates miniatures (I have nothing at all to contribute to these games).

(6mm Napoleonic Black Powder at the club)

1/1200th Napoleonic Naval, using Langton and Navwar miniatures with the Trafalgar ruleset.

28mm Old West, using a variety of miniature companies and the Legends of the Old West ruleset.

(Red's Gang)

(Big Dick Bowdre)

(Evil Eli)

(Lightnin' Joe)

(Little Dick Whiteley)

(Injun Joe)

Wings of War/Glory, not played this for a while but still one of my faves for which I have around 20 airplanes including a Balloon and Bomber.

28mm Pirates, not got very far with this, as I only have around 6 crew and a small ship I converted from one of my sons wooden toys, lack of opponents has kept this on the back burner for now.

10mm Warmaster Medieval using my own homebrew Game of Thrones lists and figures from Magister Militum and Kallistra, this got put aside again due to a lack of opponents, but has now been picked up again as I've managed to get a mate interested in it.

28mm Judge Dredd, picked these up at Xmas, not done anything with them as yet, I only have a Justice Dept team ,and I'm looking for some good 28mm Post Apoc ganger types to use as opponents.

10mm Colonial Marine vs Aliens, Im using the Pendraken miniatures, but haven't decided on a ruleset as yet, I was tinkering with my own home brew rules, but have now moved on to converting ROE for this purpose.


(10mm Aliens & Marines from Pendraken)
6mm Sci Fi, mainly GW stuff - Space Marines to be exact and loads of them including a few original metal titans, I have a bunch of stuff from other companies too, and have been thinking of getting back into this genre as I've not played for a long long time.

28mm Samurai, always wanted an excuse to pick up some of the Perry Miniatures Japanese miniatures, and the Osprey's release of Ronin allowed me to do this.

Pirates CSG, I have around 200 ships for this, and at least 1 of every type of ship released, not played for a while, but I intend to use this to introduce my son to gaming.

Blood Bowl, still got 4 teams and a bunch of star players/cheerleaders.

Car Wars- bought this on a nostalgia trip, but still intend to play it at some stage.

(Irregular miniatures 6mm Post Apoc cars)

Most of the above get at least one play a year, whilst some get far more than that, ROE for EG being a current favourite, I think I've played that at least 6 times in the last couple of months.

I also play a number of different boardgames, such as Axis & Allies, Richard III, and Zombies to name some.

The Future:

I'm intending to add to my 6mm Sci Fi stuff at some stage with some CinC & GZG mini's, but their's no particular rush for this. I also want to add more to my 10mm Sci Fi collection as this is currently quite small and I need more guns and bugs, but again, until I get some rules sorted, no big hurry.

As for my WW2 stuff, no plans on expanding my 20mm armies, but I intend to get some suitable 6mm tanks to represent an early war BEF contingent.

I'd like a few more figures for my Ronin game but no great expense (or rush), maybe 1-3 packs from Perry's.

I'll try and keep up with the X-Wing releases but the large ships are currently beyond my gaming budget.

I need to pick up a couple of the more recent releases for Wings of War, the Brisfit inparticular.

I am also really desperate for scenary for  Ronin, Judge Dredd and the 10mm Sci fi stuff, but should be able to cobble together most of what I need apart from the Ronin scenary which is beyond my ability to knock together.

Finally, I have been really tempted recently to start a 15mm Dark Age force for use in a skirmish/warband level game, quite possibly using the free Age of Blood rules, and whilst browsing Khrusan Miniatures 15mm Vikings, I stumbled upon their extensive 15mm Sci Fi range and I now want almost everything they put out....must resist the temptation.

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