Saturday, 13 June 2015

An Epic Tale (II) - The Eldar

This is a project I never really intended to do, I already have three decent size Epic armies and had no real need for a fourth. However late last year a very generous chap at the club noticed our little resurgence in interest in Epic and gave us a box of Eldar. Neither of my mates were particularly interested in the Eldar so I took them, I was expecting a box full of old school Guardians and wedge shape Grav-Tanks. I was pleasantly surprised to find they were all the more recent sculpts including various Grav-Tanks, Walkers, Aspect warriors, Warlocks, etc.

The whole lot had been dry-brushed in various shades of grey and looked really nice, they just needed some details picking out and they would be ready to go. Sadly my Space Marine army was in the process of being painted up in ...grey!! So firstly I couldn't have two armies in the same paint scheme and secondly I don't think grey really suits the Eldar. I had always liked the blue and yellow scheme of Alaitoc Craftworld so went with them, besides it looked the easiest!

Colours decided on I looked over the troops I had been gifted to see what sort of force I could make from them. Though it was a great core force, it was mainly infantry and needed rounding out. After raiding my bits box for the last few Eldar I had to help make up a few stands, I tried various Facebook groups and then the dreaded E-Bay. Firstly I needed a Titan, and also some heavy support - Spinners and a Cobra, a few more Aspect warriors and Walkers were soon added and finally some flyers. I spent just under £50 in total, more than I had hoped but for the size of the force (4755 points) I have ended up with I really can't complain.

  The whole army.

 Ranger Troupe

 War Walker Troupe
 Engine of Vaul - Cobra
 Phantom class Titan
 The Avatar
 Guardian Warhost 1
 Sword of Vaul Troupe 1
 Wind Rider Troupe 1

 Aspect Warrior Host 1

 Guardian Warhost 2
  Sword of Vaul Troupe 2
 Nightwing Troupe
 Night Spinner Troupe

 Wind Rider Troupe 2
  Sword of Vaul Troupe 3
 Aspect Warrior Host 2

  Guardian Warhost 3

Ideally I would like to add a couple more units to the army, mainly in the shape of Super Heavies, but alas funds, priorities etc have seen these put on the wish list rather than the must have at all costs list. Though I should be getting my hands on a scratch-built Wraith Gate soon.

Oh and as a post script to my last Epic Tale I did finally get around to painting the Thunderhawk that nicely finished off my Marine army:

Just about finished off a load of 6mm Sci-Fi/Post-Apoc scenery which I'll post up soon.

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