Thursday, 2 July 2015

6mm Fantasy Project (1) - Scenery

I am starting a 6mm Fantasy army and much as I have for my sci-fi project I intend to make some specific Fantasy pieces of scenery.
I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of each of Leven Miniatures forthcoming Fantasy range: Wizards Tower and Watchtower, and whilst I don't even have my army yet, I couldn't resist slapping some paint on these. I even attempted (not very successfully) to paint a window as though a light from a torch could be seen shining through. I have to say both models are really nice and enjoyable to paint, I think the wizards tower in particular makes a great bit of scenery, objective or just as a vignette.
 When I get my mini's one of the spare wizards will probably end glued to the top of the steps at some point. Incidentally the trees are also from Leven and very nice they are too. 


Next up  will be my 6mm post-apoc vehicles, which will be finished in the next day or two. 

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