Wednesday, 16 September 2015

On the Painting Desk (4)

Just a short post this time, detailing what I am currently upto painting-wise.

My Wood Elf fantasy army from Microworld is coming on nicely, I have almost finished painting them all, but got to base them properly yet:

Another creature for my fantasy project, a Griffon from Rapier Miniatures:

I've been wanting to play Space-Hulk like games in 6mm for a while so have painted up a few figures with this in mind, the humans are Old Crow and the aliens from the now sadly defunct Steel Crown/Exodus wars:

This is a, as yet un-released new miniature, its a 1/300th version of HMS Bellerophon from a new company - C&C Games which; I'm led to believe will be available via Leven miniatures in due course, I have got to say Leven have surpassed themselves with quality of the cast:

Finally a castle wall set made (again) by Leven miniatures with a load of elves awaiting basing inside. I need to wash and dry brush the walls but have unfortunately run out of the Vallejo Stone Grey I like to use!

That's all for this time, next post my completed Wood Elf army - well hopefully.


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