Monday, 16 May 2016

6mm Sci-Fi/Post Apoc Project (VI) - KR16 Campaign - The Characters

Not got much done of late, in fact I had not painted a mini for over two weeks until today when I decided to pull my finger out and finish of my sci-fi skirmish project. So onto the figures, these are all from either Angel Barracks or CinC, and I plan on using them to represent civilians and special characters for my campaign:

Bounty hunter:

Mining party:

Paul - the lone wanderer:

Corporate suit:

A collection of civvies:

A colonial family.

Professor Waat - intergalactic crimelord:

And I have finished off a the last of my vehicles:

 This one is a conversion using Ground Zero Games bits pack:

 Finally a GW Tyranid bit which at this scale makes for a sizeable alien creature:

I'm feeling re-motivated at the moment so I am cracking on with some more 15mm sci-fi stuff before definately moving on to my Old west project.

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