Thursday, 29 September 2016

Miscellaneous Scenics 3 - Sci Fi Stuff (6mm & 15mm)

More scenery in this post, this time with an eye on expanding my Sci-Fi scenery.

First up some cheapo aquarium plants bodged together to look like some sort of alien flora:

Next are some Pegasus models, plastic Cacti which I had spare from my old West(28mm) project:

This was a Micro-Machines escape pod, which has been hanging around my bits box for ages, so I quickly based it up - it can be an objective and works for both 6mm and 15mm:

Feel free to have a laugh at this next piece which has been christened Star Fish Mountain, as I'm sure see why:

And finally as my bits box was getting too full(again) a scrapyard made entirely from real scrap, even the building was made from the spare bits of "sprue" you get with laser cut MDF stuff:

Fantasy/Medieval scenery next time, as soon as I get around to finishing my new castle.

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