Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Miscellaneous Scenics 4 - Fantasy stuff (6mm)

After recently making some rock outcrops I had some spare cork bark, I combined this with a piece of scenery from Leven to make this Dwarf-hold entrance:

And as I have been utilising aquarium plants recently I spotted this for a bargainous £1.65 which with a little ink wash and flock, will serve:

I also got round to painting my latest additions to my fortifications which I will use for both fantasy and WotR:

Every settlement needs a Tavern which mine were sadly lacking:

And finally a small Viking settlement and some generic primitive huts, the Viking buildings are meant to have turf roofs but I wasn't too sure how to do it so just left them earthy looking, I'm not too happy with the result so will re-do the roofs at some point:


Back on with a few more 15mm Sci-Fi minis at the moment, and then I'm determined to finish my Epic Imperial Guard army before the end of the year

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