Saturday, 19 November 2016

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (7) - Marines & Misc. Aliens

I recently purchased some Blue Moon Sci-Fi stuff as I was ordering form them and thought I'd see how they compare to the GZG stuff I usually buy.

I only bought the one pack - Galactica Mercenaries, and I'm quite happy with them, although this did mean 10 more 15mm Sci-Fi miniatures to paint on my already over crowded painting desk.

I therefore decided to not do them justice and give them a very quick and easy paint scheme, these are the results:

They don't look too bad considering the time I put in, I reckon I'll give them some sort of APC and stat them quite tough to makeup for their lack of numbers.

I also painted up my Autonomous Gun Platform from GZG, this will bolster my Colonial Security forces:

No collection of aliens is complete without some sort of swarm, so here's mine:

 I had a few spare so these will be large alien creatures for my 6mm sci-fi skirmish games:

And finally, I painted up some Triffids which I am adding in to my Alien forces as some sort of immobile Bio-Mortar team:

Finishing various odds and ends at the moment, Imperial Guard and Dark Ages mainly, and some more heroes and villains for Pocketquest, I have also started a small Faustus Furius project just waiting on a few more chariots and I'll be ready to play.

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