Monday, 26 June 2017

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (10) - More Vehicles & Aliens

Well, I have finally managed to get back to the brushes after about 2 months of doing next to nothing painting wise.

I'm rushing through a few jobs at the moment trying to clear my desk for a fresh start, first up is the last of my Sci-fi vehicles, this is really just an exercise in using up some of the junk I have stolen from the kids or accumulated in my bits box.

First up some oddities that started life in my children's toybox.

This old hovercraft was actually mine as a nipper (before being passed to my younger brother and then my son) so its knocking on a bit now, I can definitely say I have had my monies worth from this toy:

Some sort of Dinosaur from the boys huge collection, this one looked the most alien like and the scale seemed to work too:

A large bug from my daughters "The Good Dinosaur" stuff, makes for an impressively sized alien bug:

Finally, my mate made and cast up his own Star trek type shuttles and gave me a spare one, I added a few bits of stuff from the bits pile to differentiate it, and it will now serve as my colonial patrol shuttle:

Back to WW2 next time as I have just about finished off the buildings, woods etc that I was lacking.

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