Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Blood Bowl (III) - Miscellany

I am in the middle of a Blood Bowl League at the moment so I have been spending some time bringing my teams up to scratch.

I managed to pick up three 3rd edition GW Blood Bowl Orcs which will compliment my all plastic Orcs nicely. These things are usually quite expensive being 20 years old, but I got them for a snip on E-bay probably due to them being very poorly and thickly painted:

A good soak in Dettol and a light scrub later:

Whilst tarting up my Orc team I decided to convert the spare goblin I had into a manager/coach type, this was my first go with green stuff other than filling cracks, I added a mac like coat and flat cap(albeit not very successfully), he now looks like a version of Andy Capp(if he was a Flasher!)which kinda suits the team:



 And I added this collection of bits to make my sideline more interesting:

I also give one of the cheerleaders a new hair colour(she has become something of a background character in the narrative of our league): 
Finally the new additions warranted a new team photo:

and the now complete sideline:

Oh and I acquired a new head for my Ogre(I had always wanted a helmeted version) so quickly replaced the existing one:

 I reckon it'll be some 6mm next for a change! Though I do have a new Blood Bowl team(well 2 actually) that is sat staring at me!

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