Sunday, 19 May 2019

15mm Fantasy(VI) - Heroines & Henchmen

The painting spree continues, and with an eye on Frostgrave(in 15mm) Five Leagues from the Borderlands and Dragon Rampant, I picked up one of Copplestones lovely personality packs, and they immediately jumped to the front of my painting queue which apart from the first guy are predominately female minis some of which may be considered slightly NSFW

And a female elf from Ral Partha:

And another heroine this time from Crom's Anvil:

And some henchmen for her to lead:

These next minis(AD&D Battlesystems - Cormyr Swordsmen, made by Ral Partha, now sadly long out of production) I bought about 28years ago, they were the first 15mm minis I ever bought, purely purchased on a whim as I thought they were fantastic sculpts(and still do) They have languished until now in the unpainted lead mountain, and as I was desperately in need of some henchmen types I finally took the plunge and waved a brush over them:


And as I mentioned Frostgrave earlier, this is my current warband: Elementalist and Apprentice, Thief, Captain, Ranger, Warhound and 3 Knights

Currently painting some Epic Ork Speed Freeks and some 15mm mounted knights for Dragon Rampant.

EDIT: For some reason I cant respond to comments on this post, so many thanks for the kind words in the comments!


  1. Wonderful minis, good job! I love what you did with the miniatures from Crom's Anvil. And I am SO envious about those Men of Cormyr miniatures... such a rare find nowadays!