Sunday, 5 July 2015

"Mini Mad Max" - 6mm Sci-Fi/Post Apoc Project (II) - Vehicles

With the announcement of Microworld Games Post Apoc range and the range of stuff available form Angel Barracks, I decided to finish off the Irregular Miniatures cars I bought a couple of years ago along with the few H&R post WW2 vehicles I had picked up with this purpose in mind.

 Armed with a craft knife, some Epic Ork battlewagon turrets, and some old Battlefleet Gothic ships guns, I set to work converting what I had. The Irregular models had a few too many spikes for my liking so most of these were removed and additional guns added, I also removed the large roof mounted crossbow type weapons. The H&R models simply needed more guns. I mounted them on 2p pieces as I decided it would make for easier movement, and it meant I could keep the big rig as two separate models.

 Converted H&R modern vehicles

Irregular Ambulance and H&R converted Police car 

Irregular miniatures 

 Irregular miniatures

 Irregular miniatures and Angel Barracks buggy

Irregular miniatures

I have nothing further to do for my Post-Apoc project until Microworlds stuff comes out, until then I am planning on working away on my Epic Imperial Guard Army, so far I've done about 50 of 177 units/stands, and my newly acquired 6mm Fantasy Wood Elf army.
POST SCRIPT(AUGUST 2015): As I was ordering from Irregular, I added a Toyota Technical to the list, and with the addition of some gubbins it's now part of my post-apoc collection:

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