Thursday, 20 July 2017

Gruntz - 15mm Sci-fi Project (11) - The Colony - Finished!

Some time back I was kindly given a load of MDF building kits and off cuts by Connor at The Miniature Architect. These were ideal for finishing off my 15mm Sci-fi Colony and would allow me to play decent sized urban games.

So off to the bits box for a load of gubbins to "Sci-Fi" up the stuff I had, first up the actual kits I received:

(The building on the right in these pics is a kit bash)

Secondly the stuff I bodged together from off cuts and parts of kits:

All the new additions:

and finally a few pictures of my now complete colony:

I'm now desperate to play a Black Hawk Down style scenario but using Sci-Fi stuff with the Gruntz ruleset!

Well that's the second of 3 projects that between them caused me a major painters block, the third is all but done, but with the desire to paint returning I have already become distracted with two other small paint jobs.